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Table 3 Learners’ perspectives on how the Program has influenced their knowledge, awareness, beliefs and attitudes on how to improve care for people with dementia, 2015–2016, N = 520

From: Translating facilitated multimodal online learning into effective person-centred practice for the person living with dementia among health care staff in Australia: an observational study

How often in your typical work week has any information or skills gained from the course influenced your practice in the following way:Almost always
% (n)
% (n)
Has it given you new knowledge or information about how to care for residents/clients/patients37 (191)50 (261)13 (65)1(3)
Helped you understand the way you deliver care for residents/ clients/patients34(177)52(271)13(65)1(7)
Raised your awareness about new ways to care for residents/clients/patients34 (176)53(277)12(63)1(4)
Helped to change your mind about how to care for residents/clients / patients34(176)45(233)19(96)3(15)
Given you new ideas about how to care for residents/clients/patients31(161)49(255)19(98)1(6)