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Table 3 DRP categories and number of DRPs among geriatric patients admitted from April to July to Medical and Surgical wards of JUMC, Ethiopia, 2017

From: Drug related problems in admitted geriatric patients: the impact of clinical pharmacist interventions

Total number of DRPs =380n (%)
Problem domains
 P1: treatment effectiveness (3 categories)181 (47.6%)
 Suboptimal effect of drug treatment102 (56.4)
 Untreated indication69 (38.1)
 No effect of drug treatment10 (5.5)
 P2: treatment safety92 (24.2%)
 Adverse drug event (possibly) occurred92 (100)
 P3: Others107 (28.2%)
 Unnecessary drug treatment81 (75.7)
 Problem with cost effective treatment26 (24.3)
Number of drug related problemsFrequency (%)
 None37 (18.5)
 One49 (24.5)
 Two53 (26.5)
  ≥ three61 (30.5)