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Table 2 Clinical, and medication related characteristics in geriatric patients admitted from April to July at Medical and Surgical wards of JUMC, Ethiopia, 2017 (N = 200)

From: Drug related problems in admitted geriatric patients: the impact of clinical pharmacist interventions

Characteristicsn (%)
Admission ward
 Medical131 (65.5)
 Surgical69 (34.5)
 Mean number of disease condition per patient, Mean (SD)2.20 (1.157)
 Mean number of medications per patient, Mean (SD)3.9 (2.108)
 Polypharmacy (yes)71 (35.5)
Disease conditions
 Heart failure48 (24)
 BPH26 (13)
 Stroke22 (11)
 Acute coronary syndrome13 (6.5)
 Acute abdomen12 (6)
 Type II DM11 (5.5)
 Cancer9 (4.5)
 Pneumonia8 (4)
 Surgical site infection8 (4)
 Chronic kidney disease7 (3.5)
 Trauma6 (3)
 Hernia5 (2.5)
 Hematoma5 (2.5)
 Gangrene5 (2.5)
 Upper GI bleeding5 (2.5)
 Others10 (5)