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Table 3 Recurrent pain-fall multivariate analysis

From: Pain and recurrent falls in the older and oldest-old non-institutionalized population

Variablea65–79 years (n = 192)80 years or more (n = 402)
ORCI 95%pORCI 95%p
Drugs with risk of falls3.561.75–7.25< 0.010.550.33–0.900.018
Balance0.450.28–0.73< 0.01   
Number of drugs   1.261.11–1.43< 0.01
Age   1.091.02–1.15< 0.009
Affective symptoms   1.281.06–1.560.012
  1. (a): The initial variables (step 1) of the model for both age groups were pain, muscle strength, drugs that increase the risk of falls, balance, cognitive decline, age, gender, affective symptoms and number of drugs