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Table 1 ICD-10 coding and scoring algorithms for the Charlson Comorbidity Index

From: Long‐term prognosis of enteral feeding and parenteral nutrition in a population aged 75 years and older: a population‐based cohort study

Comorbidities/underlying diseases ICD-10 Score
 Chronic pulmonary disease I278; I279; J40-J47; J60-J67; J684; J701; J703 1
 Rheumatologic disease (connective tissue disease) M05; M06; M315; M32; M33; M34; M351; M353; M360 1
 Diabetes with chronic complications (diabetes with end-organ damage) E102-E105; E107; E112-E115; E117; E122-E125; E127; E132-E135; E137; E142-E145; E147 1
 Renal disease (moderate or severe renal disease) I120; I131; N032-N037; N052-N057; N18; N19; N250; Z490; Z491; Z492; Z940; Z992 1
 Congestive heart failure I110; I130; I132; I255; I420; I425-I429; I43; I50; P290 2
 Dementia F00-F03; F051; G30; G311 2
 Mild liver disease B18; K700-K703; K709; K713-K715; K717; K73; K74; K760; K762-K764; K768; K769; Z944 2
 Hemiplegia or paraplegia G041; G114; G801; G802; G81; G82; G830-G834; G839 2
 Any malignancy including leukemia and lymphomab C00-C26; C30-C34; C37-C41; C43; C45-C58; C60-C76; C81-C85; C88; C90-C97 2
 Moderate or severe liver disease I850; I859; I864; I982; K704; K711; K721; K729; K765; K766; K767 4
 AIDS/HIV B20-B22; B24; Z21 4
 Metastatic solid tumorb C77-C80 6
Major underlying diseasesc
 Cerebrovascular disease G45; G46; H340; I60-I69 -
 Neuromuscular disease F023; G10-13; G20-23; G35-37; G61; G700; G71; G903; G91 -
 Dementia F00-F03; F051; G30; G311 -
 Pneumonia J120-189, J690 -
  1. aComorbidities for the Charlson Comorbidity Index were extracted from the disease information in-hospital claims within 365 days before the initiation of gastrostomy (GS), nasogastric tube feeding (NGT), and parenteral nutrition (PN)
  2. bMalignancies
  3. cMajor underlying diseases were extracted from in-hospital claims when the patients initially received GS, NGT, and PN
  4. ICD International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems