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Table 1 Measures use for the assessments

From: A volunteer-supported walking programme to improve physical function in older people (the POWER Study): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial

Outcome Measure Operationalisation
(Type of assessment)
Times of assessment
   T0 T1 T2
Sociodemographic Data Age, sex, level of care, family status, education level, ethnicity X   
Physical Function Short Physical Performance Battery X X X
Quality of Life EQ-5D-5L X X X
Fear of Falling Falls Efficacy Scale X X X
Frailty Clinical Frailty Scale X X X
Cognitive Changes Clock-drawing-test X X X
Cognitive Impairment Mini Mental Status Examination (MMSE) X   
Walk Assessment Number and duration of walks, assistance, type of assistance   X X
Falls Type and place of treatment   X X
Treated Falls Date, ICD Code, falls   X X
Hospitalisation Date of hospital admission and discharge, duration of hospitalisation, reason for hospitalisation (ICD-10-Code)   X X
Death Date of death, Reason for death (ICD-10-Code)   X X
Sociodemographic Data Age, sex, job, family status, education level, ethnicity, volunteering history