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Table 1 Search terms. Terms used for search strategy across all databases using elements from the review question. PICo (Population, Phenomenon of Interest, Context)

From: The adaptation of older adults’ transition to residential care facilities and cultural factors: a meta-synthesis



Phenomenon of Interest

Study Design

“Aged [Mesh]” OR“older adults” OR “older persons” OR “elderly individuals” OR “elderly people”OR “elderly residents” OR residents

(relocation OR transition OR admission)AND

(“Residential Facilities”[Mesh]) OR “Homes for the Aged”[Mesh]) OR “Long-Term Care”[Mesh]) OR “aged care home” OR “long-term care facility” OR “LTC facilities” OR “residential aged care facility”)

“Social Adjustment”[Mesh] OR (adaptation OR adjustment OR “psychosocial changes” OR “psychosocial adjustment” OR adapt* OR adjust*

“nursing methodology” OR “case study” OR “constant comparison” OR “content analysis” OR “descriptive study” OR “discourse analysis” OR ethnography OR exploratory OR feminist OR

“focus group” OR “grounded theory” OR hermeneutic OR interview OR narrative OR naturalistic OR “participant observation” OR phenomenology OR “qualitative method” OR “qualitative research” OR “qualitative study” OR “thematic analysis”

  1. The above table used Pubmed as an example