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Table 2 Major themes from focus groups

From: Health professionals perception and beliefs about drug- related problems on polymedicated older adults- a focus group study

Theme Subthemes Coding concepts
“Poor compliance and polypharmacy- A perpetuated vicious cycle”. Polypharmacy Perception
Socioeconomic factors Familial context
Economic factors
Knowledge Literacy
Identification of medicines
Duration of treatment
Compliance Adverse effects
Patients beliefs
Deprescribing Difficulties
Patients-HPs communication Lack of communication
Influencers TV supplements
Neighbours medication
Herbal products Interactions
Medicines managing Handling
Generic medicines
Organization of healthcare system Medication management directives Healthcare directives Prescribing guidelines
Patients empowerment
Clinical appointments Clinical appointments Lack of time
Interaction and communication between Health professionals External responsibility General practitioner’s -Community pharmacists Trust/mistrust
General practitioner’s -Specialist physicians
lack of time to communicate General practitioner’s -Specialist physicians Lack of communication
General practitioner’s -Community pharmacists
General practitioner’s -Specialist physicians Multiple prescribers
Strategies to prevent inappropriate polypharmacy Prescribing managing
Generic medicines
Promotion of compliance Empowerment of patients
Support teams