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Table 1 Results of ranking tasks generated in focus groups to be considered part of a minimum set of tasks that every person should complete, regardless of living setting, when assessing physical function and safety with a 4-wheeled walker

From: Development, reliability and validity of the Safe Use of Mobility Aids Checklist (SUMAC) for 4-wheeled walker use in people living with dementia

Task Scores on 5-point Likert scale
Median Score Range of Scores
Sit to stand 5 3–5
Pivot turn and sit in a chair 5 4–5
Walking on a level surface 5 3–5
Walking with horizontal head turns 4.5 3–5
Walking with concurrent cognitive task 4 4–5
Walking around obstacles (figure of 8) 5 All scored at 5
Walking up a ramp 3 2–5
Walking down a ramp 3 2–5
Walking through an open doorway 5 1–5
Open, walk through and close door that opens away 4 2–5
Open, walk through and close door that opens in 4 2–5
  1. 5-point Likert scale with a score of 1 representing “least important” and 5 representing “most important”