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Table 2 Category and competency of home care workers in LTCRL

From: Developing an assessment scale for long-term care reablement literacy in home care workers in Taiwan using a modified Delphi method

Category Number of items Competency in LTCRL
Access/obtain 5 • Ability to access reablement-related information, such as using adoptive equipment or environmental adjustment.
• Ability to determine reablement-related stakeholders.
Understand 4 • Ability to understand home exercise or training programs relevant to reablement.
Process/appraise 11 • Ability to interpret and evaluate reablement-related information, such as home exercise and using adoptive equipment.
• Ability to identify contraindications and avoid risk factors in social and physical contexts.
Apply/use 9 • Ability to utilize knowledge relevant to reablement and make decisions on adopting skills in social and physical contexts.
Overall 29