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Table 4 Predictors of mortality in COVID-19 positive patients by binary logistic regression model (multivariate model 3)

From: Older age and frailty are the chief predictors of mortality in COVID-19 patients admitted to an acute medical unit in a secondary care setting- a cohort study

Characteristics Multivariate model 3
OR (95% CI)
Age 1.03 (0.99–.07) 0.10
Care home resident 0.69 (0.28–1.68) 0.42
Frailty 4.3 (1.71–10.76) 0.002
Smoking 1.64 (0.75–3.58) 0.21
BMI 0.96 (0.91–1.03) 0.29
CVD 1.68 (0.77–3.68) 0.19
Respiratory diseases 1.25 (0.57–2.78) 0.57
Neutrophil: lymphocyte ratio 1.02 (0.98–1.06) 0.25
C-reactive protein 1.01 (1–1.01) 0.07
eGFR 0.99 (0.97–1.01) 0.32
Acute kidney injury 1.6 (0.63–4.09) 0.31
  1. Multivariate model 3: adjusted for age, care home resident, frailty, smoking, BMI, CVD, respiratory diseases, neutrophil: lymphocyte ratio, C-reactive protein (CRP), eGFR, and acute kidney injury. Model did not include 18 patients without BMI and CRP values
  2. BMI Body mass index, CVD Cardio vascular disease; includes at least one of the following- ischemic heart disease (IHD), myocardial infarction (MI), congestive cardiac failure (CCF), cerebrovascular accident (CVA), Respiratory diseases include a composite of asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and pulmonary fibrosis. eGFR Estimated glomerular filtration rate calculated by CKD-EPI equation, OR Odds ratio, CI Confidence interval