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Table 3 Common Campus Home and Community Care Programs

From: Seniors’ campus continuums: local solutions for broad spectrum seniors care

I = Available Internally to Campus Residents = I; E = Available Externally to Local Community
Campus Meals on Wheels Day Programa Active Living Centres/Wellness Programsb Falls Prevention Programs/ Physio-therapyc Congregate Dining Supportive Housing/ Assisted Livingd
Northern Mature (Municipal) I & E Not onsite   I & E I & E I
Semi-Rural (Municipal)   I & E I & E I & E I & E I
Small Urban Mature (Municipal) I & E I & E I & E I & E I & E I & E
Urban (NFP) I & E I & E   I & E I & E I & E
Rural Mature (NFP)     I & E I I
Urban Mature (NFP) E I & E I & E I & E I & E I
  1. a Programs that provide structured and supervised activities for frail and socially isolated seniors and individuals with cognitive impairment offered during the day, evening or overnight
  2. b A centre with programs and services that promote socialization, recreation, physical activity, learning, friendships, community involvement and independent living
  3. c Group exercises and falls prevention education to help seniors stay healthy and active
  4. d Programs for a set number of clients in housing units (differed across campuses) deemed eligible for intensive case management and care coordination of personal care and other supports based on Standardized Resident Assessment Instruments (RAI-CHA)