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Table 4 The incidence of discharge from the hospital and adding ≥3 prescribed medications

From: The associations of the number of medications and the use of anticholinergics with recovery from tubal feeding: a longitudinal hospital-based study

  Incidence of recovery to oral feeding
Cox regression analysis Bootstrap analysis
Adjusted HR (95% CI) P value 95% CI P value
No adding 3 or more prescribed medication 1    
Adding 3 or more prescribed medications 0.33 (0.14–0.80) a 0.014 0.07–0.92 0.032
  1. HR Hazard ratio, CI Confidence interval, ACBs Anticholinergic cognitive burden scale, HDS-R Hasegawa dementia rating scale-revised
  2. a Adjusted for age, sex, gastrostomy tube, cerebrovascular disease, wasting syndrome, Parkinson’s disease, HDS-R and the number of prescribed medications at the baseline