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Table 1 Demographic characteristics of the study sample (N = 9410)

From: International relevance of two measures of awareness of age-related change (AARC)

Characteristics Statistic
Age (years), M (SD) 65.9 (7.1)
Range 51–95
Sex (Women %) 79.9
Ethnicity (%)
 White 98.5
 Mixed 0.5
 Asian 0.6
 Black 0.1
 Other ethnic groups 0.3
Marital status (%)
 Married/ civil partnership/ co-habiting 79.1
 Widowed/ separated/ divorced/ single 20.9
 University education (Yes %) 75.8
 Current employment (Yes %) 42.6
  1. N = 9410
  2. University education was operationalized as a dichotomous variable. No university education included those participants that concluded secondary education or post-secondary education. University education included those participants that concluded vocational qualification, undergraduate degree, post-graduate degree, or doctorate. Secondary education = GCSE or O-levels. Post-secondary education = College, A-levels, NVQ3 or below, or similar. Vocational qualification = Diploma, certificate, BTEC, NVQ 4 and above, or similar. Undergraduate degree = BA or BSc, or similar. Post-graduate degree = MA, MSc, or similar. Doctorate = PhD