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Table 2 References to regulatory instruments and associated outcomes for pain in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario

From: Provincial legislative and regulatory standards for pain assessment and management in long-term care homes: a scoping review and in-depth case analysis

Province Specific regulatory instrument for pain interRAI instrument mandated for pain Experiencing Pain in Long-Term Care (2018–2019)a Experiencing Worsened Pain in Long-Term Care (2018–2019)a Other instruments mandated that are not specific to pain
Alberta No Yes 7.4% 13.5% Long-Term Care Accommodation Standards and Checklist, 2010
Continuing Care Health Service Standards, 2016
Saskatchewan No Yes 9.0% 11.8% Program Guidelines for Special-care Homes, 2016
Ontario O. Reg. 79/10 Yes 5.2% 9.7% N/A
  1. a Data obtained using CIHI’s Your Health System interactive tool that provides recent interRAI indicator results [39]