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Table 4 Odds-ratios (OR) of patients’ outcome after ED visit when comparing elderly patients assisted by professional home services to patients without any professional support

From: Emergency department outcome of elderly patients assisted by professional home services, the EPIGER study

  OR [95%CI] P-value
ED outcome (n = 1168)
 Admitted 0.92 [0.65;1.30] 0.636
 Admitted for “having difficulties coping at home” 0.59 [0.38;0.92] 0.020
 Admitted to the ED short unit 0.81 [0.57;1.14] 0.225
 Admitted to the Intensive Care Unit 0.70 [0.30;1.64] 0.408
On Day 30 among admitted patients (n = 732):
 Still hospitalized 1.10 [0.75;1.61] 0.628
  1. Adjusting variables: age, sex, history of respiratory, cardiovascular or neurological diseases, cognitive impairment, psychotropic drugs, Knaus classification, clinical severity and performed investigations