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Table 1 Measured variables

From: Prevalence of probable sarcopenia in community-dwelling older Swiss people – a cross-sectional study

Grip strength-related factors Measure Rating, categorization
Demographic characteristics [3, 26] Self-reported age, height and weight  
Sedative medication intake [27] self-reported category 0: no sedative medication
category 1: ≥ 1 medication
Fall history [28] self-reported category 0: no falls
category 1: ≥ 1 fall
Osteoarthritis of the hands [29] self-reported category 0: yes
category 1: no
Global cognitive function [30] Mini Mental State Exam (MMSE) [31] points 0–30
Physical activity [26] Freiburg Questionnaire of Physical Activity [32] energy expenditure in kcal/week [33, 34]
Basic activities of daily living (ADL) [35] the Barthel Index [36]
Questionnaire as interview
category 0: independent in IADL and ADL highest value in every instrumental and basic activity
category 1 (dependent in IADL and/or ADL): 0 points in at least one instrumental activity and less than highest value in at least one basic activity
Instrumental activities of daily living (IADL) [37] Lawton Scale [38]
Questionnaire as interview