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Table 1 List of items included in a frailty index

From: Loneliness as a risk factor for frailty transition among older Chinese people

NO. Items
1 ADLs: needs assistant in bathing
2 ADLs: needs assistant in dressing
3 ADLs: needs assistant in toileting
4 ADLs: needs assistant in indoor transferring
5 ADLs: needs assistant in continence
6 ADLs: needs assistant in eating
7 IADLs: unable to visit neighbors by himself/herself
8 IADLs: unable to go shopping by himself/herself
9 IADLs: unable to cook a meal by himself/herself
10 IADLs: unable to wash clothing by himself/herself
11 IADLs: unable to walk continuously for 1 km at a time by himself/herself
12 IADLs: unable to lift a weight of 5 kg
13 IADLs: unable to continuously crouch and stand up three times
14 IADLs: unable to take public transportation by himself/herself
15 Cognitive impairment (based on Mini Mental State Examination)
16 Poor self-reported health
17 Health state compared to past year
18 Poor interviewer-rated health
19 Vision loss
20 Psychological distress (based on usefulness, fearfulness)
21 Number of serious illnesses in the past 2 yearsa
22 Suffering from hypertension
23 Suffering from diabetes
24 Suffering from heart disease
25 Suffering from stroke or cerebrovascular disease
26 Suffering from bronchitis, emphysema, pneumonia, asthma
27 Suffering from tuberculosis
28 Suffering from cataract
29 Suffering from cancer
30 Suffering from Parkinson’s disease
31 Suffering from arthritis
32 Suffering from dementia
33 Functional limitations: unable to put hand behind neck
34 Functional limitations: unable to put hand behind lower neck
35 Functional limitations: unable to raise arm upright
36 Functional limitations: unable to stand up from sitting in a chair
37 Functional limitations: unable to pick up a book from floor
  1. aTwo or more serious illnesses in the past 2 years are assigned a value of 2