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Table 1 Clinimetric properties Core Outcome Set Functional Independence

From: Discriminative validity of the Core outcome set functional independence in a population of older adults

Domain Instrument Target population Clinimetric properties
Physical capacity SPPB Older adults [14] Predictive for developing disability and identifies subgroups who have high and low risk of disability (AUC .75) [14, 26]. Cut-off points are scores of four and nine [27]. Good intrarater reliability (ICC .88–.92) and high construct and concurrent validity [14].
FICSIT-4 Older adults [16] Moderate to good reliability (Interclass Pearson correlations .25 to .74) [16]. Good concurrent validity [16].
TUG People with hip and knee osteoarthritis, patients with stroke and older adults with dementia [28, 29] Good reliability (ICC .75 to .99) [28, 29]. Good construct and convergent validity [28, 30]. The cut-off point for independent walking is 20 s [31]. When it is impossible to complete the TUG, a fictitious score of 240 s is registered [31].
JAMAR General population and community-dwelling older adults [32, 33] Excellent intra- and interrater reliability (ICC .98 and .94) [32]. Good test-retest reliability (ICC .91 for right and .95 for left hand) [33]. MCID is 6.5 kg [34].
Coping COFLEX Patients with chronic reumatoïd arthritis [20] Acceptable internal consistency (Crohnbach’s α of respectively .88 and .70 for the subscales) [20]. Construct validity good for the versatility scale [20].
Empowerment PAM-13 Older adults and older adults with multimorbidity Good internal consistency (Crohnbach’s α of .88) [23, 35]. Good construct validity [35, 36].
Health literacy NVS-D Older adults Good internal consistency (Chronbach’s α of .76) [25]. Cut-off point between adequate and inadequate health literacy is a score of four or more [25].
  1. SPPB Short Physical Performance Battery; FICSIT Frailty and Injuries Cooperative Studies of Intervention Techniques; TUG Timed Up and Go test; COFLEX Coping Flexibility questionnaire; PAM Patient Activation Measure; NVS-D Dutch Newest Vital Sign; AUC Area Under the Curve; ICC Intraclass Correlation Coefficient; MCID Minimal Clinically Important Difference