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Table 1 Components and methods of the process evaluation for the PECAN intervention adapted from Grant et al. (2013) [24]

From: Implementation of a complex intervention to improve participation in older people with joint contractures living in nursing homes: a process evaluation of a cluster-randomised pilot trial

Domain Research question Research methods and measures Participants Stage of study
Delivery to clusters What intervention is actually delivered to each nursing home? Evaluation of the facilitators workshop using documentation forms Research team During and after each implementation component
Evaluation of the information session using documentation forms Research team
Were the components of the implementation introduced as planned? Evaluation of the peer-mentor-visit using documentation forms Research team
Evaluation of the peer-mentoring using documentation forms Research team
Response of clusters How is the intervention adopted by the nursing homes? Feedback on implementation components and process using standardised questionnaires, documentation forms, and facilitators’ diary Facilitators During implementation and post-intervention
Are there any differences between the nursing homes? Participants in the information session
Research team
Are there any changes in daily nursing routine? Survey using standardised questionnaire on experiences and perceived changes in attitude and behaviour Nursing staff At baseline and after 6 months
What are the enablers and barriers for a successful implementation? Problem-centred interviews and group discussion to ask about experiences during implementation Facilitators Post-intervention
Therapists, social workers and relatives
Context In what context is the intervention implemented? Description of the wider context based on literature on national nursing home standards Literature search Before baseline
Collection of important structural characteristics using structured cluster-interviews Head nurse At baseline
How do contextual factors influence the implementation process? Problem-centred group interviews and group discussion to ask about the influence of context-specific factors during implementation Facilitators Post-intervention