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Table 2 Frequency and chronicity score of resident-to-resident aggression (N = 3693)

From: Resident-to-resident aggression in Norwegian nursing homes: a cross-sectional exploratory study

Type of aggression:How often observed the past year (%):
NNeverOnce2–5 times6–10 times> 10 times
Nasty remarks363631.09.524.911.922.7
Humiliating remarks360642.210.922.89.015.1
Threatening remarks363059.
Critical remarks363736.511.224.19.418.8
PhysicalPushing, grabbing, or pinching363353.912.318.07.97.9
Pulling hair or kicking362977.
Purposely hurting363582.
Throwing things at a resident363375.
Behaving aggressively towards a resident363642.611.923.69.012.9
MaterialStealing money363698.
Stealing things363778.
Signing documents without permission363199.90.070.03
Destroying a resident’s things364089.
SexualUnwelcome touching363786.
Unwelcome discussion of sexual activity363688.
Exposure of a resident’s private-body parts362798.
Digital penetration (e.g. finger)363299.390.360.170.08
Chronicity score*NMedianMinMax 
Verbal aggression308226.5187.5
Physical aggression247311187.5
  1. *Median number of times the acts in the scale occurred among those who had observed at least one act of aggression