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Table 3 Association between number of chronic diseases and falls according to multivariable logistic regression analysis adjusted for age

From: Association between chronic diseases and falls among a sample of older people in Finland

 VariableOR (95% CI)P-value
One-time fallerNo chronic diseasesreference 
One chronic disease0.3920.392
Two chronic diseases0.5260.526
Three chronic diseases0.4240.424
Four chronic diseases0.7700.770
Five chronic diseases0.6160.616
Six or more chronic diseases0.5290.529
Age 65–74reference 
Age 75–844.48 (2.56–7.83)< 0.001
Age ≥ 852.78 (1.03–7.48)0.044
Gender0.98 (0.59–1.65)0.951
Recurrent fallerNo chronic diseasesreference 
One chronic disease0.72 (0.14–3.64)0.692
Two chronic diseases1.30 (0.30–5.60)0.723
Three chronic diseases2.92 (0.76–11.19)0.116
Four chronic diseases1.82 (0.35–9.47)0.474
Five chronic diseases11.7 (2.99–46.44)0.000
Six or more chronic diseases8.60 (2.10–35.17)0.003
Age 65–74reference 
Age 75–841.00 (0.47–2.13)0.947
Age ≥ 852.07 (0.82–1.07)0.122
Gender (female)1.05 (0.54–1.05)0.870
  1. OR Odds ratio, CI Confidence Interval