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Table 1 Summary of the assessments in the CAIDE study

From: Third follow-up of the Cardiovascular Risk Factors, Aging and Dementia (CAIDE) cohort investigating determinants of cognitive, physical, and psychosocial wellbeing among the oldest old: the CAIDE85+ study protocol

Data collected and test/scale Midlife-baseline examination (1972–1992) 1st late-life re-examination (1998) 2nd late-life re-examination (2005–2009) 3rd re-examination CAIDE85+ (2019–2021)
Socio-demographicsa (e.g. age; sex; self-reported education, marital status, occupation and income) X X X X
Lifestylea (questions about e.g. diet, physical exercise, smoking, leisure activities) X X X X
Anthropometric measurements (weight, height, BMI, waist circumference, blood pressure) X X X X
Blood markersa (e.g. lipids, glucose, CRP, creatinine) X X X X
Medical history (self-reported) X X X X
Medical history (national registers) X X X X
 CERAD [30] X X
 MMSE [31] X Part of CERAD Part of CERAD
 Immediate word recall (3 word-lists)b [32] X 1 list
 Category fluency test [33] X Part of CERAD Part of CERAD
 Purdue Peg board [34] X X
 Trail Making Test - part A [35] X X
 Stroop [36] X X
 Letter Digit Substitution Test [37] X X X
 Diagnosis of dementia or MCI (3-step protocol [29]) X X
 Diagnosis of dementia or MCI (national registers) X X X
 Daily life functioning (questions) X X X X
 Daily life functioning (ADL: Katz Index and Lawton and Brody Scale [38,39,40]) X
 Daily life functioning (CDR [41, 42]) X X
 Physical Functioning (SPPB [43]) X
 Stressa (questions) X X X X
 Anxiety (6-item STAI [44]) X X X
 Personality-related factors (anger expression [45], cynical distrust [46], sense of coherence [47], ways of coping [48]) X
 Social Network (questions) X X Shortened
 Subjective memorya (questions) X X X
 Hopelessness (questions) X X X X
 Depression (BDI [49]) X X X
 Significant life events (questions) X X Shortened
 Health Related Quality of Life (RAND 36 [50]) X
 Frailty (Fried phenotype [51]) X
 Malnutrition (MNA short version [52]) X
 Sleep quality (Pittsburgh Sleep Index [53]) X
 Oral health (questions) X
 Medication use (self-reported and national registers) X X X
 APOEƐ4 genotyping X X
  1. ADL Activity of daily living, APOEƐ4 Apolipoprotein E Ɛ4 allele, BDI Beck depression inventory, BMI body mass index, CDR clinical dementia rating, CERAD Consortium to Establish a Registry for Alzheimer’s Disease test battery, CRP C-reactive protein, MCI Mild cognitive impairment, MMSE Mini-Mental State Examination, MNA mini nutritional assessment, SPPB Short physical performance battery, RAND36 RAND 36-Item Health Survey 1.0, STAI State trait anxiety inventory
  2. a some differences in assessments may exist among different re-examinations
  3. b of the 3 word-lists used in 1998, only one was repeated in 2005–2008