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Table 3 AUC for each predictor, determined using ROCs

From: Low serum albumin, aspartate aminotransferase, and body mass are risk factors for frailty in elderly people with diabetes–a cross-sectional study

PredictorsCut-off valuesAUC (95%CI)P values
Body mass53 kg0.645 (0.549–0.741)0.003
Albumin4.0 g/dL0.787 (0.710–0.864)< 0.001
AST20 IU/L0.634 (0.541–0.728)0.006
Ratio Cortisol / DHEA-S0.150.697 (0.611–0.782)< 0.001
DHEA-S57 μg/dL0.653 (0.584–0.741)0.002
  1. AUC area under the curve, ROC receiver-operating characteristic, CI confidence interval, DHEA-S dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate