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Table 2 Unadjusted and adjusted hazard ratio for 30-day readmission according to age, sex, Charlson Comorbidity Index and marital status

From: Readmission of older acutely admitted medical patients after short-term admissions in Denmark: a nationwide cohort study

 Unadjusted HR (95% CI)Adjusted2 HR (95% CI)
Age11.03 (1.01-1.05)1.01 (0.99-1.03)
 Male1.23 (1.19-1.26)1.17 (1.13-1.20)
Charlson Comorbidity Index
 1-21.50 (1.44-1.55)1.49 (1.43-1.54)
 3+2.33 (2.25-2.42)2.28 (2.20-2.37)
Marital Status
 Not Married1.02 (1.00-1.05)1.03 (1.00-1.07)
  1. CI confidence interval; HR hazard ratio. 1Per 10-unit increase of variable 2Adjusted for the three other variables