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Table 1 Exercises used in the HIIT group

From: Feasibility and safety of high-intensity interval training for the rehabilitation of geriatric inpatients (HIITERGY) a pilot randomized study

 Exercise AExercise BExercise CExercise D
Upper-body options- NuStep- Two-armed abduction over head
- Two-armed abduction to shoulder level
- Two-armed abduction to maximum level
- Two-armed extension over head
- Two-armed extension to shoulder level
- Two-armed extension to maximum level
- Alternating torso twist to same side as step
- Alternating both hands to opposite hip
Lower-body options- cycle ergometer
- pedal exerciser
- Step up + step down
- Step front + step back
- Squat
- Sit on chair + get up (with or without help from arms)
- Side-step right + side-step left
- Foot touch floor right + foot touch floor left