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Table 3 Determination of Fracture Risk Assessment (FRAX) score cut-off points for screening for frailty using Area under the Receiver Operating Characteristic (AUROC) curves using sensitivity and specificity measures

From: The association between a fracture risk tool and frailty: Geelong Osteoporosis Study

FRAX scoresArea under the ROC curve (95% CI)Cut point (Decile)% Cut point for fracture risk aSensitivitySpecificityPredictive Value (%)Positive Likelihood ratio (LR+)Negative Likelihood ratio (LR-)
MOFbwith BMDc0.72 (0.63–0.80)51.50 (1.06,1.94)80.0%45.7%50.81.470.44
MOF without BMD0.71 (0.62–0.79)51.60 (1.21,1.99)82.2%45.0%50.51.500.40
Hip with BMD0.69 (0.60–0.78)50.10 (0.00,0.38)84.4%30.2%
Hip without BMD0.68 (0.60–0.77)50.20 (0.02,0.38)75.6%49.2%53.11.490.50
Hip without BMD0.76 (0.68–0.82)50.30 (0.12,1.94)89.6%45.7%52.61.640.23
MOF without BMD0.73 (0.66–0.80)51.65 (1.36,1.94)87.5%47.7%54.01.670.26
MOF with BMD0.68 (0.60–0.76)51.70 (1.45,1.95)79.2%46.5%51.61.480.45
Hip with BMD0.67 (0.59–0.75)50.20 (0.05,0.35)81.3%44.1%50.01.450.42
  1. aReported as median (95% CI) fracture risk percentage
  2. bMOF Major Osteoporotic fractures
  3. cBMD Bone mineral density