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Table 1 Demographic characteristics of the participants

From: Prevalence of loneliness and association with depressive and anxiety symptoms among retirees in Northcentral Nigeria: a cross-sectional study

Characteristics(n), M (SD), range
Age (years)(1099) 71.3 (6.01), 65–89
Age groupn(%)
 65–69 Years254(23.1)
 70–74 years516(47.0)
 75 years & Above329(29.9)
Place of residence
Level of education
 Primary education206(18.7)
 Secondary education380(34.6)
 Tertiary education513(46.7)
Marital Status
Monthly Income (pension earning)
  < #10,000402(36.6)
 #20,000 - #29,000121(11.0)
 #30,000 & above62(5.6)