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Table 4 Joint display of patient acceptability ratings (n = 30)

From: Feasibility and acceptability of commonly used screening instruments to identify frailty among community-dwelling older people: a mixed methods study

InstrumentVery Easy/ Easy
n (%)
Participant comments (Easy/Very Easy)Neutral/
n (%)
Participant comments (Neutral/Difficult)
EFS28 (96.6)•Not as quick as I used to be
•It did show me what I can’t do anymore
•Easy but you need to think first.
•Easy enough
1 (3.4)•Found it frustrating. The clock face. I don’t like these sorts of puzzles!
FQ27 (96.4)•I had no difficulty. I found it interesting.
•A bit of thinking
•Nothing hard about the questions
1 (3.6)•n.a.
GAIT25 (86.2)•Easy to complete
•No issues to do
•Simple task
4 (13.8)•It’s not easy, had to slow down, painful hip
•After sitting for a while, my legs cramp. I would have been quicker if I had not been sitting.
GFI26 (89.7)•Some questions could go either way. Sometimes yes/ sometimes no.
•Once I worked out the questions
•Went quickly enough
•No problems completing this
3 (10.3)•You have to think - it can never be cut and dried.
•OK question - have to stop and think about questions as don’t normally think about these situations
KC25 (89.3)•I thought it was challenging, but rather appropriate and it made me realise how fortunate I am to be able to enjoy my activities, and the people in my life
•I’m always thankful for anything I can do
•Interesting - covered a whole gamut of day to day living
3 (10.7)•Mostly easy, some didn’t apply
•My life has been very difficult over the last eighteen months
•Don’t normally go out much; socialise within street
P730 (100.0)•No worries answering questions
•Simple and easy
0 (0.0•n.a.
REFS25 (96.2)•Hated it. Don’t like this - not many people would.
•Had to think more about this one. Trying to do it a bit too quickly. Made me think.
•Didn’t have any problems. A long list of what you can’t do.
•Quite reasonable things to ask older persons
•Clock was a bit confusing - wasn’t sure of what the question meant re the numbering around the edge
1 (3.8)•n.a.
ALL186 (93.5) 13 (6.5) 
  1. Abbreviations: P7 PRISMA-7, FQ Frail Questionnaire, GAIT: Gait Speed Test, GFI Groningen Frailty Indicator, GST Gait Speed Test, EFS Edmonton Frail Scale, KC Kihon Checklist, REFS Reported Edmonton Frail Scale