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Table 1 Timeline of the study

From: Impact of medication review via tele-expertise on unplanned hospitalizations at 3 months of nursing homes patients (TEM-EHPAD): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

TimepointStudy Period
EnrolmentInital assessmentFollow-up at 3 monthsFollow-up at 6 months
 Eligibility screenX   
 Information to patients/carevigerX   
 Collection of consentX   
 Date of the visitsXXXX
Primary outcome:    
 Unplanned Hospitalizations  X 
Secondary outcomes:    
 Unplanned Hospitalizations   X
 Behavioral disorders (NPI) XXX
 Quality of life (EQ-5D-3 L) XXX
 Number of falls XXX
 Number of patients with at least 1 potentially inappropriate prescription XXX
 Nursing staff satisfaction XX 
 Characteristics of patients whose GP have taken account of TMR recommendations  XX
 GP’ adherence rate to therapeutic recommendations  XX
 Cost-effectiveness ratio of TMR   X
 Factors facilitating or hampering GPs’ adherence rate XXX
 Sociodemographic data (age, gender)XX  
 Comorbidities XXX
 Pharmaceutical therapeutics XXX
 Blood test XXX
 Trivalle’s scoreX