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Table 5 Correlates of very frail among the study subjects (results of multiple logistic regression analysis)

From: Prevalence and factors associated with frailty in hospitalized older patients

Variableβ-Coefficient (SE)Odds ratio (95% CI)p
Dementia1.39 (0.62)4.04 (1.1–4.7)0.02
Polypharmacy  51.18 (0.59)3.2 (1.01–6.7)0.04
Nursing home1.23 (0.47)3.42 (1.5–4.9)0.003
Katz Score3.09 (0.72)4.7(1.9–5.6)0.000
  1. Age, sex, depression, MNA score, CRP, Albumin, confusion were not statistically significant
  2. SE standard errors, CI confidence interval