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Table 2 Summary of themes and sub themes

From: Community perceptions about dementia in southwestern Uganda

ThemeSub themeCategory
 1) Labeling the illness  
 2) Presentation of a person with dementia  
 3) CausationBiological, aging, psychological, nutritional deficiencies and substance abuse, poverty, social and traditional beliefs 
 4) Impact of the diseaseImpact of the disease on PWD
Impact of the disease on the caregiver
Inability to perform personal care, risk of medical and psychological illness, mistreatment and risk of elder abuse
Financial stress, social isolation, handling problematic behaviors, physical and emotional stress
 5) Views on how to address unmet needs in dementia careEmotional support
socioeconomic support
cultural sensitization
  1. Legend: A summary of themes, sub themes and categories of community perceptions about dementia in southwestern Uganda