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Table 3 Mediation effects of social support and life meaning on relationship between living arrangements and life satisfaction (n = 215)

From: Living arrangements and life satisfaction: mediation by social support and meaning in life

Point EstimateProduct of coefficientsBias Corrected 95% CIPercentile 95% CI
Total effects
 Living arrangement → Life satisfaction2.4600.5284.659***1.4193.5011.4193.501
Direct effects
 Living arrangement → Life satisfaction0.8450.5351.579−0.2101.899−0.2101.899
Indirect effects
 Total Indirect Effects1.6150.3644.437***0.9942.4480.9452.386
Living arrangement → Presence of meaning → Life satisfaction0.5310.2192.309*0.1821.0540.1631.010
 Living arrangement → Search for meaning → Life satisfaction0.2810.1661.6240.0270.694−0.0080.647
 Living arrangement → Social support→ Life satisfaction0.7940.2742.819**0.3061.3980.3111.290
  1. *p<0.05(two-tailed);**p<0.01(two-tailed); ***p<0.001(two-tailed)