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Table 3 Relationship between low baseline ASM/TBF and new obesity

From: Value of appendicular skeletal muscle mass to total body fat ratio in predicting obesity in elderly people: a 2.2-year longitudinal study

RR (95%CI)P valueRR (95%CI)P value
Model 45.201 (1.777–15.226)0.00326.400 (3.205–217.479)0.002
Model 55.271 (1.795–15.481)0.00230.363 (3.618–254.852)0.002
Model 65.664 (1.879–17.074)0.00234.856 (3.930–309.153)0.001
  1. Abbreviations: RR relative risk; CI confidence interval; ASM appendicular skeletal muscle mass; TBF total body fat
  2. Model 4 was not adjusted for any factor. Model 5 was adjusted for age. Model 6 was adjusted for age, albumin, diabetes history