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Table 2 Frailty of Prevalence at Baseline and Incidence of Dementia at the End of Follow-up

From: The association between frailty and incidence of dementia in Beijing: findings from 10/66 dementia research group population-based cohort study

ModelFrailty prevalence at baseline5-year cumulative incidence of dementia (%, 95% CI)χ2P
NPrevalence (%)
Modified Fried Frailty   14.2<.001
 No frailty191794.89.6(8.2,10.9)  
Physical Frailty   24.0<.001
 No frailty181689.89.0(7.7,10.4)  
Multidimensional Frailty   38.7<.001
 No frailty182590.38.9(7.5,10.1)  
  1. N Number of participants; CI Confidence interval