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Table 2 Study outcomes/variables, measurement tools and data collection schedule

From: Study on advance care planning in care dependent community-dwelling older persons in Germany (STADPLAN): protocol of a cluster-randomised controlled trial

Outcome/ variableMeasured byValidated version*Baseline6 months (t1)12 months (t2)Assessed by
Patient activation (primary outcome)Patient activation Measure (PAM-13) [42]German version [36]RA – at home visit
ACP behaviourPatient engagement survey [41]English version [41] RA – at home visit
Anxiety and depressionHospital anxiety and depression scale (HADS) [40]German version [43] RA – at home visit
Self-reported, health-related quality of lifeVeterans Health Administration (VR-12) [38, 39]German version [44] RA – at home visit
Deaths, hospitalization, institutionalisationOwn questionsn.a.RA – at home care service & home visit
Proxy/Family involvement**Audit of ACP discussionn.a. Nurse facilitator
Sociodemographic & clinical data, hearing capacity by RAI-NH [45] & visionOwn questionsn.a.  RA- at home care service & home visit
GPs involvementOwn questionsn.a. 
Physician visits, formal & informal careOwn questionsn.a. RA – at home visit
Healthcare preferencesHypothetical scenariosAdapted German version [46]*** RA – at home visit
  1. *all instruments were pretested in a German version in the pilot study; **intervention group only; *** adapted version of the Life-Support Preferences Questionnaires and Emanuel Medical Directive, which will be validated in the STADPLAN study within a limited subgroup (n = 120); RA Research assistant, RAI-NH Resident Assessment Instrument for Nursing Homes