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Table 2 Multivariate Analysis of Slow Gait Speed at Baseline. At baseline, increasing age and poorer scores on the ADAS-Cog at baseline was associated with significantly greater likelihood of slow gait speed (dependent variable) at baseline. ADAS-Cog = Alzheimer Disease Assessment Scale – Cognitive Subsection; CDR-Sb: Clinical Dementia Rating, Sum of Boxes, BMI: Body Mass Index

From: Gait speed, cognition and falls in people living with mild-to-moderate Alzheimer disease: data from NILVAD

CharacteristicOR (95% CI)P-Value
Age1.10 (1.04–1.17)< 0.001*
Gender1.14 (0.47–2.75)0.773
BMI1.08 (0.99–1.16)0.078
Group1.00 (0.45–2.21)0.996
Diagnosis Duration0.88 (0.64–1.20)0.417
Symptom Duration0.94 (0.78–1.14)0.541
Education (Years)0.93 (0.83–1.04)0.214
Total Medications1.07 (0.91–1.25)0.421
Antidepressant Use1.53 (0.69–3.41)0.298
Benzodiazepine Use0.36 (0.07–1.60)0.178
Total Comorbidities1.10 (0.93–1.31)0.270
Diabetes0.96 (0.30–3.11)0.951
Hypertension1.76 (0.77–3.98)0.179
Arthritis0.86 (0.23–3.20)0.820
Baseline ADAS-Cog1.05 (1.01–1.09)0.025*
Baseline CDR-Sb1.19 (0.98–1.45)0.081