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Table 4 Adjusteda estimated minutes of physical activity per age and gender on days with a senior center visit, and days without a visit

From: Physical activity benefits of attending a senior center depend largely on age and gender: a study using GPS and accelerometry data

SC visiteNo visitfDiff%DiffSC visitNo visitDiff%DiffSC visitNo visitDiff%Diff
< 75962.1977.4−15.2−1.6%248.1235.712.45.0%*46.0%
< 751002.51024.4−21.9−2.2%212.3190.022.310.5%1.41.9−0.4−30.5%
≥751033.11021.511.61.1%181.7192.3−10.6−5.8%1.32.6−1.3− 102.6%
< 75980.2998.5−18.2*1.8%232.0215.216.8*7.3%
  1. aAdjusted by total device wear time, distance to the closest senior center, perceived health, and presence of rain
  2. b Daily time spent sedentary (minutes)
  3. c Daily time spent in LPA (minutes)
  4. d Daily time spent in MVPA (minutes)
  5. e Values for days on which participants have visited a senior center
  6. f Values for days on which participants have not visited a senior center
  7. * Contrast of estimates between groups (senior center vs no senior center) found significant (p < 0.05)