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Table 1 Cut-points for defining slowness and weakness

From: Association of Frailty with recovery from disability among community-dwelling Chinese older adults: China health and retirement longitudinal study

Gait speed over a 2.5-m course:
 Men with height ≤ 163 cm≤0.45 m/s
SlownessMen with height > 163 cm≤0.48 m/s
 Women with height ≤ 163 cm≤0.36 m/s
 Women with height > 163 cm≤0.43 m/s
Grip strength (kg):
 Men with BMI ≤ 20.6 kg/ m2≤25.2 kg
 Men with BMI 20.6–23.2 kg/ m2≤28.5 kg
 Men with BMI 23.2–25.9 kg/ m2≤30.0 kg
WeaknessMen with BMI ≥ 25.9 kg/ m2≤30.0 kg
 Women with BMI ≤ 20.0 kg/ m2≤15.0 kg
 Women with BMI 20.0–22.1 kg/ m2≤17.5 kg
 Women with BMI 22.1–24.8 kg/ m2≤17.5 kg
 Women with BMI > 24.8 kg/ m2≤20.0 kg