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Table 2 Association of timed up and go test results with cardiovascular events, cardiovascular mortality, and all-cause mortalitya

From: Association of timed up and go test outcomes with future incidence of cardiovascular disease and mortality in adults aged 66 years: Korean national representative longitudinal study over 5.7 years

 TUGcNumberEventDuration (PYs)cIncidence rateCrudeModel 1bModel 2b
HR (95% CI)caHR (95% CI)caHR (95% CI)c
Cardiovascular eventNormal25,1121098138,474.07.9111
Abnormal15,66176985,637.39.01.13 (1.03–1.24)1.18 (0.98–1.42)1.09 (0.88–1.35)
Cardiovascular deathNormal25,112137142,377.11.0111
Abnormal15,66113489, (1.23–1.98)1.60 (1.01–2.54)1.59 (0.95–2.67)
All-cause deathNormal25,1121207142,377.18.5111
Abnormal15,66193989,014.710.51.24 (1.14–1.35)1.25 (1.05–1.47)1.23 (1.02–1.48)
  1. aCox proportional hazard was applied
  2. bModel 1 was adjusted for sex, income, cigarette smoking, at-risk alcohol drinking, and regular exercise, whereas Model 2 was adjusted for all factors in Model 1 plus cognitive impairment, activity of daily living, body mass index, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemia, and chronic kidney disease
  3. cAbbreviation: TUG timed up and go test, PY person-year, HR hazard ratio, aHR adjusted hazard ratio, CI confidence interval