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Table 2 Factor loading for the western and nutrient-rich dietary patterns

From: Dietary patterns in the healthy oldest old in the healthy aging study and the Canadian longitudinal study of aging: a cohort study

 Factor 1Factor 2
Loading strengthLoading strength
Processed meat0.62−0.07
Red meat0.59−0.01
Sauces and gravies0.580.00
Potatoes (fried)10.54−0.21
Potatoes (non-fried)20.540.06
Butter and margarine0.46−0.03
High sugar snacks30.430.04
Salty snacks0.38−0.05
High fat dairy0.310.06
Salad dressing0.270.37
Fruit juice0.240.02
Whole grains0.030.46
Low fat dairy−0.010.31
Nuts and seeds−0.070.46
Non-starchy vegetables−0.070.69
Calcium-fortified foods4−0.220.15
  1. 1french fries, poutine or other fried potatoes, 2boiled, mashed or baked potatoes, 3chocolate, cakes, pies, doughnuts, pastries, cookies, muffins, ice-cream, ice milk, frozen yogurt, milk-based desserts, 4calcium fortified foods, calcium fortified juice, calcium fortified milk and other calcium fortified beverages