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Table 4 Recommendations on services, resources, and features for the model of care for the proposed multidisciplinary memory clinic. Focus on patients with MCI, and mild to moderate dementia

From: “We need a one-stop-shop”: co-creating the model of care for a multidisciplinary memory clinic with community members, GPs, aged care workers, service providers, and policy-makers

(1) Services and resources:

 (a) Specialised diagnostic services promoting early and definitive diagnoses

 (b) Rapid access to care via brief referral processes and short waiting lists

 (c) Case management via a key worker

 (d) Access to allied health providers

 (e) Support groups for patients and carers

 (f) Links to community services

 (g) Medico-legal assistance

 (h) Advance care planning

 (i) Psychological support including counselling

 (j) Educational resources

 (k) Provide or refer to an outreach team (e.g., Community Geriatrics Service)

(2) Features:

 (a) One-stop-shop

 (b) Multidisciplinary team

 (c) Easy referral process (particularly via fax or email)

 (d) Focus on improving integrated care through clear communication with GPs and stakeholders

 (e) Easily accessible (public transport, sufficient parking, free shuttle bus)

 (f) Culturally sensitive via multicultural and/or bilingual workers

 (g) Research participation opportunities including clinical trials

 (h) Affordable

 (i) Continuity of funding