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Table 2 Number and percentage of participants (2015–2016 and 2016–2017 academic years) citing the different semantic categories, before and after the simulation experience, for each free association test

From: Aging-simulation experience: impact on health professionals’ social representations

Inductive words and semantic categoriesParticipants Before
(n = 306)
Participants After
(n = 306)
OR (95% CI)
« Vision » (Free association of words test 1)
 Decreased vision272(89)280(92)1.03(0.60–1.76)
« Hearing » (Free association of words test 2)
 Decreased hearing265(87)240(78)0.91(0.59–1.39)
« Movement » (Free association of words test 3)
 Loss of balance46(15)39(13)0.85(0.54–1.34)
 Negative emotions73(24)62(20)0.85(0.58–1.25)
« Fine dexterity » (Free association of words test 4)
 Negative emotions39(13)46(15)1.18(0.74–1.87)
« Balance » (Free association of words test 5)
 Loss of balance241(79)250(82)1.04(0.7–1.55)
  1. Abbreviations: Part. indicates participants, OR odds ratio, CI confidence interval
  2. We expressed results as numbers and percentages in brackets, except for odds ratios
  3. Only categories stated by at least 10% of the participants, before and after the simulation experience, were retained for data analyses