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Table 3 Association between social support, caregiver burden and depressive symptoms of caregivers (stratified by the different relation to care-recipients)

From: Social support and depressive symptoms among family caregivers of older people with disabilities in four provinces of urban China: the mediating role of caregiver burden

VariablesModel 1 (spouse)Model 2 (children)Model 3 (others)
Social support−0.283**0.053−0.246**0.042−0.1110.122
Caregiver burden0.556**0.0710.551**0.0440.398**0.099
Older people with disabilities
 Gendera: Female−0.1110.304−0.0650.0830.1920.232
   Barthel index0.141*0.0650.113*0.0520.1760.128
 Cognitive function0.215**0.0590.0560.0480.0460.111
 Genderb: Female−0.0080.3130.226**0.079−0.1110.310
 Hours of care per day−0.182*0.078−0.0800.043−0.1050.155
 Caregiver duration−0.0840.054−0.092*0.040−0.0760.193
Self-rated healthc
Adj Rb49.87%52.68%29.84%
  1. a and b: reference = male; c: reference = poor;
  2. *p < 0.05 **p < 0.01