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Table 2 Association between social support, caregiver burden and depressive symptoms of caregivers

From: Social support and depressive symptoms among family caregivers of older people with disabilities in four provinces of urban China: the mediating role of caregiver burden

VariablesModel 1aModel 2bModel 3aModel 4a
Social support−0.399**0.035− 0.271**0.037  −0.256**0.031
Caregiver burden    0.609**0.0350.525**0.034
Older people with disabilities
 Gender1: Female−0.0400.075−0.0600.079−0.0020.067−0.0090.063
  Barthel index0.0200.044−0.216**0.0460.138**0.0400.133**0.038
 Cognitive function0.124**0.0410.0250.0430.122**0.0370.111**0.035
 Gender2: Female0.233**0.0750.1240.0780.162*0.0670.168**0.063
 Relation to disabled people3
  Hours of care per day−0.0750.0430.0510.044−0.134**0.038−0.101**0.036
  Caregiver duration−0.0530.0360.0610.038−0.098**0.032−0.085**0.031
 Self-rated health4
Adj R229.97% 23.65% 44.95% 50.89% 
  1. 1 and 2: reference = male; 3: reference = spouse; 4: reference = poor;
  2. a: Dependent variable = depressive symptoms;
  3. b: Dependent variable = caregiver burden;
  4. *p < 0.05 **p < 0.01