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Table 3 Multivariate Cox proportional hazards regression analyses for the risk of dementia after excluding those who were diagnosed within 2, 3, or 4 years among patients with lower urinary tract symptom prescribed with different cumulative defined daily doses of therapeutic bladder anticholinergics

From: Cumulative use of therapeutic bladder anticholinergics and the risk of dementia in patients with lower urinary tract symptoms: a nationwide 12-year cohort study

 Excluding diagnosis within two yearsaExcluding diagnosis within three yearsaExcluding diagnosis within four yearsa
Events (%)HR(95% CI)PEvents (%)HR(95% CI)PEvents (%)HR(95% CI)P
cDDD category
  < 281017 (7.4)1.00  861 (6.3)1.00  721 (5.3)1.00  
 28–8498 (7.6)1.00(0.82–1.22)0.99592 (7.2)1.06(0.86–1.31)0.56883 (6.5)1.15(0.92–1.43)0.223
 85–336100 (9.8)1.30(1.07–1.59)0.00990 (8.8)1.33(1.07–1.65)0.00977 (7.5)1.36(1.08–1.71)0.008
  ≥ 33754 (12.8)1.69(1.33–2.15)< 0.00150 (11.8)1.77(1.39–2.26)< 0.00144 (10.4)1.88(1.44–2.46)< 0.001
  1. aAdjusted for patient’s age, sex, catastrophic illness certificates, comorbidities, and number of outpatient visits
  2. cDDDs Cumulative defined daily doses, CI Confidence interval, HR Hazard ratio.