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Table 2 Continuous variables for VRE carrier and non-carrier patients, in univariate analysis

From: Risk factors for vancomycin-resistant enterococcus acquisition during a large outbreak in patients aged 65 years and older

 VRE carrier patients (n = 18)VRE non-carrier patients (n = 162)pb
Age, years79.3979.670.62
Screening number3.064.230.06
Number of antibiotics3.441.640.00
Albumin rate, g.l−128.3031.240.02
Body mass index, kg.m223.8325.190.27
C-reactive protein rate, mg.l−135.1120.660.04
Activities of daily living score4.274.750.61
  1. bKruskal-Wallis test was used, results are given as means