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Table 1 Specifications of studies included in the study

From: The prevalence of obesity in older adults in Iran: a systematic review and meta-analysis

RowAuthorPublication yearAreaParticipants’ AgeSample sizePrevalenceQuality assessment
1Aliabadi [12]2007Khorasan Razavi70 ± 7.8196211.3Moderate
2Ahmadi [13]2000Yasuj> 5510933.1Moderate
3Zainali [14]2014Tehran70.8 ± 7.136819.3High
4Ostovar [15]2017Bushehr67.9 ± 7.08300024.1High
5Taghipour [16]2014Amol57.4 ± 13.236617.8Moderate
6Shamsi [17]2012Tehran75.2 ± 7.931014.5Moderate
7Hossaini [18]2007Babol (Amishahr)70 ± 7101944.2Moderate
8Mohammadi [19]2016Tehran60–7037525High
9Ghorbani [20]2000Semnan50–5517731.1Moderate
10Payman [21]2011Ilam70.4 ± 1112116Moderate
11Mirzaei [22]2017Yazd> 50921114.1High
12Aghaalinejha d [23]2013Iran (Ardbil, Isfahan, Ahwaz, Tehran, Kerman, Mashhad)> 5026126High
13Mahdavi [24]2014Kashan72.07 ± 9.0350012.6High
14Khalili [25]2014Kashan67.7 ± 6.840018.8Moderate
15Alavi [26]2006Isfahan> 60169420.5Moderate
16Hosainipanah [27]2009Tehran> 50440236.8Moderate
17Nemati [28]2009Khorasan Razavi> 60196211.7Moderate
18Barzin [29]2014Tehran> 60370630.3Moderate