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Table 3 Hazard ratio (HR) for mortality among patients taking antiplatelet agents compared with those not taking antiplatelet agents

From: Effect of continuation of antiplatelet therapy on survival in patients receiving physician home visits

TherapyAdjusted HR (95% CI)
Model 1Model 2Model 3
Any antiplatelet therapy v.s. Without antiplatelet therapy0.28 (0.15–0.53)0.35 (0.18–0.65)0.33 (0.17–0.65)
 Aspirin v.s. Without aspirin0.28 (0.13–0.60)0.32 (0.15–0.67)0.32 (0.15–0.69)
 Clopidogrel v.s. Without clopidogrel0.27 (0.09–0.84)0.52 (0.16–1.66)0.48 (0.15–1.59)
 Cilostazol v.s. Without cilostazol0.58 (0.14–2.33)0.67 (0.16–2.74)0.89 (0.19–4.02)
  1. Model 1 includes patient’s demographic characteristics and activities of daily living (ADL) for adjustment; model 2 includes primary disease requiring home visiting care in addition to model 1; and model 3 includes the Charlson comorbidity index in addition to model 2
  2. Patients without each antiplatelet drug included those who took other antiplatelet drugs than the main drug. (e.g. patients without aspirin composed from those who didn’t take any antiplatelet drugs and those who took either clopidogrel or cilostazol)
  3. Boldface indicates p value < 0.05