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Table 4 Z-Tests to Determine if Regression Coefficients are Significantly Different for Urban and Rural Subgroups: R Aged 65 and Over, China

From: Falls and risk factors of falls for urban and rural community-dwelling older adults in China

VariablesZ Valueb1 = b2 (Coefs are the same)
1) Personal Characteristics
 Sex (ref. = female)−1.34Yes
 If illiterate (ref. = no)−0.70Yes
 Natural log of household income per capita−2.00No
 Living alone (ref. = no)−0.55Yes
2) Health Status
 Hypertension(ref. = no)0.38Yes
 Heart Disease(ref. = no)0.08Yes
 Arthritis(ref. = no)1.33Yes
 Cervical and lumbar spondylosis(ref. = no)0.39Yes
 Cerebrovascular disease(ref. = no)−0.70Yes
 Self-rated health0.71Yes
 Cognitive function damage0.71Yes
 ADL disability−1.77Yes
 Depression(ref. = no)0.33Yes
3) Environmental Factors
 Whether tap water is available(ref. = no)−0.26Yes
 Apartment type (ref. = one-story)  
 High rise building with elevator or on 1st floor0.88Yes
 High rise building without elevator−1.27Yes
 If satisfied with living condition (ref. = no)−0.52Yes
4) Physical Exercise
 Taichi (ref. = no)0.33Yes
 Muscle-toning exercises0.37Yes
 Taking a walk−2.83No
5) Life Styles
 Whether smoked (ref. = no)0.42Yes
 Whether drank (ref. = no)1.10Yes
  1. Note: H0: b1 for urban subgroup = b2 for rural subgroup; yes = coefficients are the same